Vestige Level: 6th
Constellation: Dark Beyond
Binding DC: 28
Special Requirement: No
Favored Ally: Aberrations (especially those from the Dark Tapestry).
Favored Enemy: Lawful creatures.
Totems: You gain a totem bonus on the spirit’s binding check if you meet some or all of these conditions.

  • Speaking Zceryll’s name in Aklo during the binding process.
  • Speaking an appeal to the entities of the Dark Tapestry in Aklo during the binding process.
  • You must know the names of at least three such entities to gain this benefit.

Zceryll was a mortal sorceress who communed with alien powers from the far realm. She became obsessed with immortality, seeking out the alien beings in the hopes of learning their eternal secrets. When she died,she became a hideously twisted vestige, forever seeking to re-enter the Realms via numerous artifacts she dispersed across the world. Zceryll grants you the ability to transform your body and mind into an alien form,granting you telepathy, resistance to effects related to insanity, the ability to summon pseudonatural creatures, and the power to unleash bolts of pure madness.
Legend: Thousands of years ago, an alienist sorceress known as Zceryll learned bizarre powers in a fight to defend herself against oppression. She was promised untold power by strange, alien beings known as star-spawn from beyond the world. All she had to do was to create portals to summon them.
Zceryll created the portals and summoned the star spawn to her aid. She fought back against her oppressors, finding a new found purpose in her life. She traveled the world, creating many portals for her masters and items of her own devising.
Zceryll was unaware of the slow corruptive effect the star spawn had on her. By the time she realized something was wrong, it was too late to change. Eventually, her body became so suffused with alien power that she became one of them. When her life came to an end, she was a twisted and bitter old hag. She felt she had accomplished nothing and became obsessed with youth. When her time was up, her soul vanished into the far realms, and she became a vestige.
As a vestige, Zceryll, now a phantom twisted alien entity, seeks to exert as much influence over the Realms as possible. She has whispered clues to those who bind her in an effort to guide them to the location of artifacts and items she created, such as the bone scepter of Zceryll(in the Well of Dragons),the star-spawn scepter, the aberrant spheres, the black blood kaleidoscope, and the rod of Taupanga.
Manifestation: The area in and around the seal fills with thousands of tiny circular mirrors. A beautiful human woman is reflected in all of the mirrors, yet something is off about her features. After a few seconds,a scream is carried on the air and the image of the woman changes into a hideous mass of writhing tentacles. The mirrors then shatter, covering the floor with beautiful but alien patterns of glass that hurt the mind and cause the nose, mouth, eyes, and orifices to bleed black blood.
Sign: Your eyes appear as circular mirrors. In your peripheral vision, all other living creatures appear twisted, covered in tentacles, extra eyes, and vestigial organs.
Influence: Never admit that you need help or that you are weaker than anyone else. Treat those that are weaker than you with scorn and contempt, especially young women and spontaneous spellcasters.
Granted Abilities: While bound to Zceryll, your body and mind become alien, allowing you to channel the power of the star spawn in a variety of ways.
Summon Alien:You can summon any creature from the summon monster list that a sorcerer of your level could summon. Thus, at 10th level you could summon any creature from the summon monster I-V list. When you reach 14th level you could summon any creature from the summon monster I-VII list. When you reach 19th level you could summon any creature from the summon monster I-XI list. Once you have used this ability, it is expended for 5 rounds. In addition to the usual tables used to determine what monsters you can summon, you can also summon aberrations off the expanded list that follows.

  • Summon Monster I: Sagari
  • Summon Monster II: Larval Slime Crawler
  • Summon Monster III: Vampiric Mist, Tentamort
  • Summon Monster IV: Elder Thing, Mature Slime Crawler, Shriezyx
  • Summon Monster V: Chuul, Mi-Go, Rorkoun, Seugathi
  • Summon Monster VI: Intellect Devourer,Neh-Thalggu
  • Summon Monster VII: Yithian, Gug, Dimensional Shambler
  • Summon Monster VIII: Moon Beast, Gug Savant, Color Out of Space, Spawn of Yog-Sothoth
  • Summon Monster IX: Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath, Get of Iblis

Capstone Empowerment: When using your summon monster ability, you can instead choose one monster from the next level of summon monster, but only if it is a creature on the above list. If you already have reached summon monster IX, you can choose to either apply the advanced simple template to one of your special choices, or you may opt to call a Shoggoth or Star-Spawn of Cthulhu.
Beware, however, a shoggoth or star-spawn so called is completely uncontrolled. Summon Alien is expended for 10 rounds after using the gate effect to call a Shoggoth or Star-Spawn of Cthulhu.
Alien form: While bound to Zceryll, you gain the pseudonatural template(page 161 of Complete Arcane).
Alien Mind: Your mind is alien and does not work like that of a normal mortal. You are immune to confusion, insanity, and weird spells. In addition, you receive a +1 bonus per four binder levels on saving throws against mind-affecting effects.
Bolts of Madness: You can fire a ray that dazes an opponent for 1d3 rounds. You must succeed on a ranged touch attack with a range of 100 ft. + 10 ft./binder level. A successful Will save negates the effect. Once you have used this ability, you cannot do so again for 5 rounds.
Telepathy: You gain the telepathy ability with a range of 100 feet (as described on page 316 of the Monster Manual) and the Mindsight feat (as described on page 126 of Lords of Madness).

Pseudonatural Template (Complete Arcane, p161)
Can be applied to any corporeal creature
Size and Type: Type changes to Outsiders
Special Attacks: Once per day, a pseudonatural creature can cast True Strike on itself as a supernatural ability.
Special Qualities:
Resistance(Ex): A pseudonatural creature has a resistance to acid and electricity based on the base creature’s Hit Dice, see table below.
Damage Reduction(Ex): A pseudonatural creature gains damage reduction based on the base creature’s Hit Dice, see table below.

Hit Dice Acid, Electricity DR
1-3 5 -
4-7 5 5/magic
8-11 10 5/magic
12< 15 10/magic

Spell Resistance(Ex): The creature gain a SR of 10 + Base Creatures’s HD (Maximun 25)
Alternate Form(Su): As a standard action, a pseudonnatural creature can take the form of a grotesque,tentacled mass (or another appropriately gruesome form, as determined by the DM). Despite the alien appearance, it’s abilities remain unchanged. Other creatures receive a -1 morale penalty on their attack rolls against a pseudonatural creature when it is in this alternate form.Abilities: Same as base creature but Intelligence is at least 3.
Mindsight (Lords of Madness, p126): A creature that has this feat can detect and pinpoint beings that are not mindless (Anything with an Intelligence score of 1 or higher) within range of its telepathy. This works much like blindsense – the creature knows what square each thinking being is in, but it does not see the being and the being still has total concealment unless the creature can see it by some other means.The creature also perceives several observable characteristics about each being detected with mind sight,including the being’s type and intelligence score. The creature need not take any additional or special actions to gain this information; it is as obvious to mindsight as the being’s race and clothing would be to eyesight.
Vestigial Companion
You gain the services of a Grick familiar for the duration of the pact. Use your occultist level as your wizard level to determine what abilities the familiar gets. This ability replaces Bolts of Madness.


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